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Successfully exhibited on FIME2018

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The 2018 Florida International Medical Expo was held July 17-19 in Orlando, Fla.
2018 will mark the 28th year of the show. FIME is the most-attended medical trade exhibition in the Western Hemisphere, serving the entirety of North, Central and South America. The floor plays host to visitors from over 38 different countries worldwide.
FIME’s primary focus is across four medical industry sectors: Technology, Products, Supplies, Services, and Equipment.

JINGHAO Company stressed its professional manufacturing capacity and R & D capabilities during this exhibition. Many visitor and other brand dealers chat with JINGHAO about their need and corporation willing. The exhibits products covered customized products, upgraded powerful BTE, rechargeable hearing aids,Open fit hearing aids and the popular RIC hearing aid.
With the society advances, hearing aid industry is developing to wards a more sophisticated intelligent direction. The top brands begin to pay attention to the rechargeable technology, while JINGHAO has been working on it for more than 2 years. Welcome to know a morevaluable rechargeable product for the hearing loss people. JINGHAO believes in“TO BE BETTER”.

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