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JingHao Public welfare activities in Longmen Shilian Station

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JingHao Public welfare activities in Longmen Shilian Station

Do you feel that your hearing is getting loss? Making you feeling alone?

Maybe you enjoy to talk with family, talk with friend ? But since age-related hearing loss tends to be gradual, so you might not even know you are missing many things of life. Don’t let your hearing loss become a hindrance in achieving your dreams.

Well, until you put on your first set of hearing aids and all those sounds come back.
This weekend JingHao Medical hold a Public welfare activities in Longmen Shilian Station, Huizhou--- Jinghao audiologist to help the elderly whom have hearing impared make an professional hearing test and help them to have a free hearing aid belong them . You laughter is what we love , your hearing life is what we care .

The moment we are happy that the old man heard the laughter of the family.We will continue the charity activities to all over the world to help more hearing hindrance person to hear again. To enjoy the beauty life sound again, this is our mission.



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