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JINGHAO hearing aid is a huge part of who i am.

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Sometimes hearing isn't easy. Without sound it's extremely isolating. Not being able to hear excludes you from things.With no hearing aid the only way i could hear was to lip read.

When i have hearing loss , i feel i got sick and tired of just not being able to hear people. My life would be completely different. They're life changing. I couldn't play Erhu. I wouldn't be able to hear my family.

Sometimes hearing isn't easy, but now there's a simple way to enhance it because now there's jinghao the virtually bte hearing aid with amazing sound quality designed with patented flexi fibers so they're suspended completely inside the ear canal and so small that they're virtually invisible.

I do remember getting my first hearing device. It was something that showed people that things were a little bit different for me. But i love those because i could hear. They got me my life back. When i got my new hearing aids, it was really, really important to me that i would be able to continue my family, beause i can listening to them. Jinghao to be better.
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