1-Open fit tube: Use an ergonomically designed thinnert ear tube that is hard to find when worn! Reduce the fear of discrimination against deaf patients and Improve the clarity of the sound!
2-Volume adjustment: Method Rocker Can adjust to the audio you adapt when you wear it.
3-The average volume of 106dB±4 avoid cushioning effect of the impact sound to protect the ears.
4-10 level gears can meet different levels of hearing people
5-Suppressing the plugging effect Appearance: The D26 is equipped with a hollow earplug, which is much easier to adapt and comfortable to wear in long time, in the meanwhile, enhancing the fidelity of the sound.
6-Low battery reminder The elderly will be reminded in case hearing aid suddenly stop working work which could cause trouble.
7-40h working time could reduce the trouble of charging every day
8-Automatic noise reduction function
9-The highest and lowest tone sounds alarm are used to avoid the situation that the guest over-damages the machine because the sound is not loud enough.
10-Volume memory function has to reduce the memory level and re-adjust troubles every day.
11-Weight 2g, reduces ear burden
12-Phone mode, you can answer the call without removing the hearing aid.
13-Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) has a more stable sound that suppresses and cushions sudden loud noises and protects human hearing.
14-Automatic Feedback Canceller (AFC) has suppression of howling
15-4 channel with 12 BANDS of frequency shaping: It could handle different noises in life, achieve different amount patterns, meet different needs of live.
16-Use the Balanced armuture speaker for greater reduction, better hearing experience and less hearing fatigue


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