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Blood pressure indicates the pressure borne by arterial vascular walls when the blood flows through the arterial vascular walls. During cardiac cycle, the blood pressure of the arterial vascular walls changes constantly.

1. 99sets of storage( 2 people),IHB arrhythmia detection, WHO blood pressure classification.

2. Intelligense pressurize.

3. Voltage power detection,Low power consumption

4. Fashionable outward,Light and compact,suitable for health care(medical field,familes and adult)

5. Accuracy:±3mmHg(±0.4kPa)

Measurement method
Oscillometric method
Measurement range

Pressure: 20mmHg-280mmHg(2.7-37kPa)

Pulse: 40Pulse-199Pulse/Minute


Pressure: 15°C-25°C within ± 3 blood pressure(±0.4kPa)

5°C-40°C(do not including 15°C-25°C) within ± 6 blood pressure(±0.8kPa)

Pluse: Within ± 5%

Normal working environment

Temperature: 5°C-40°C


Store&transport environment

Temperature: -20-50°C

Moisture: 10%-85%

Power supply
DC6V for AA batteries
  1. Please don't fall the instrument on the floor and avoid crash or severe shock, or it will cause malfunction.
  2. Do not use it after it just out of-0C。,use it after at least one hour under warm condition, or it cannot pressurize normally.
  3. Don't let dust or miscellaneous in, or it will cause malfunction.
  4. Use cloth with warm water or soapy water to wipe if there is fifth, do not use alcohol gasoline, or it will burst or change color.
  5. Avold placing it under high temperature, moisture or direct sunshine, or it will cause malfunction.
  6. Please do not wash the wrist band, or it will cause malfunction.

1 x Wrist band

1 x Air tube

1 x use manual book

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